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Services include the following:

Provide support for smart-classrooms using data projection systems, other classroom equipment, VHS video systems, videodisk, films, slide, satellite video, audio, camcorders, etc. Assistance with purchase or rental of AV equipment, live and taped TV services, production of AV materials; testing scoring; mounting and laminating materials and delivery and assistance with equipment, etc.

Scantron test scoring is avialable at the UCR Media Center (GL 100) during the hours the office is open. Scantron machines are located at five locations on the UCR campus: 1) Media Services GL 100, 2) Plaza Biulding 4th Floor workroom, PH410, 3) Science/TEchnology Building-2nd floor Office Suite, 4) Student Services Building-3rd Floor Business Faculty Office Suite, and 5) Sports Center Building-SC230. Blank Scantron forms are also kept by each machine in each of the four staff areas. We encourage WSU-Rochestser faculty to purchase their blank Scantron forms from UCR Duplicating since the number of Scantron machines we have at UCR is determined by the number of forms we order form Scantron.

If you are not familiar with equipment you are planning to use, faculty are encouraged to request help from the Technology Support Center staff.

If you cannot reach staff at the the Technology Support Center, you can also send an email to avsupport@tsc.rctc.edu

Large equipment items, such as TV systems on cars, are delivered directly to classrooms for faulty/student use. Smaller AV equipment such as slide prjectors and audio cassette players, are checked out at the Technology Support Center. Requests for equipment delivery for evening classes should be placed before 3 PM the previous day. To reserve equipment call the Technology Support Center at 536-5555. Please remember that it is your responsibility to return equipment you have checked out after you are finished using it. A UCR ID card (available from the library) is required to check out equipment.

Replacement bulbs for projectors are provided with each projector. Call, email or stop at the Media Services office to have additional projector bulbs delivered to the classroom.

For complete information on AV services at UCR call Media Services staff at (507) 536-5555.



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