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World Languages Department


Why Spanish?

  1.  Mexico is the third-largest US trade partner.  Passage of Nafta is expanding markets in Mexico.
  2.  Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world with nearly 360 million speakers. 
  3.  Spanish is the official or primary language in 25 countries.
  4.  Spanish is the 3rd international language of politics, economics, culture.
  5.  In the US 13% of the population speak Spanish as their first language.
  6.  Spanish is the language most often spoken at home after English. 1990  S Census Bureau
  7.  Hispanics are the largest minority in the U.S. In Rochester, translators work with Spanish-speaking employees of Seneca foods.
  8.  Spanish is the most frequently studied language in the US.   MLA Report

Spanish at RCTC (See college catalog for course descriptions)

1001:  Introduction to Hispanic Cultures (taught in English)*
1101 & 1102:  Beginning Spanish I & II (Offered Fall and Spring - also online and hybrid options)
1130:  Introductory Medical Spanish*
2101 & 2102:  Intermediate Spanish I & II*
2111:  Spanish Conversation*
*Offered with sufficient enrollment


Lillyam Arroyave,
Phone: 507-285-7109
Location: MH427 Box 30

Careers in Spanish:

Spanish education (K-16), interpreter services, international relations, governmental agencies, and the tourist industry are among the fields in which a Spanish major or minor may be a prerequisite.

A Spanish major, minor, or fluency equivalent is recommended for many careers, including social services, the health industry, international business (e.g. import-export, banking, industry), hotel/motel management, and humanitarian agencies.

Lower division courses which lead to a Spanish major or minor at a four-year institution:

Spanish 1101 4 credits Beginning Spanish I
Spanish 1102 4 credits Beginning Spanish II

Spanish 2101 4 credits Intermediate Spanish I
Spanish 2102 4 credits Intermediate Spanish II

Spanish major or minor at a four-year institution:

The student typically studies Spanish language (composition, conversation, pronunciation), literature (by periods, by area, or special topic such as Don Quixote) and Spanish-speaking cultures (e.g. Culture of Spain, Culture of Latin America). The student may obtain a B.A. major in Spanish, Spanish-Portuguese, International Relations, Latin American or Chicano Studies, B.A. minor in Spanish, Spanish-Portuguese, or Latin American or Chicano Studies, a B.S. major in Spanish (Teaching), International Business, B.S. minor in Spanish (Teaching), Linguistics, International Studies, or combine a Spanish major or minor with another major (see careers). Students of Spanish often spend time studying In Spanish-speaking countries.

Additional courses at RCTC:

Spanish 1001 3 credits Introduction to Hispanic cultures (in English)
Spanish 1130 2 credits Medical Spanish
Spanish 2111 2 credits Spanish Conversation
(This course provides additional Spanish language practice at an Intermediate level.)

An encouraging word!

Many universities offer retroactive credit at a nominal fee upon completion of an upper-level course with a grade of A or B. The student with previous language experience should continue the same foreign language, and enter the sequence at RCTC at as high a level as possible, so as to complete the entire lower division sequence before transfer. The University of Minnesota also offers FLIP and FLAC, Foreign Language Immersion and Across the Curriculum certificate programs.





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