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World Languages Department
Placement Recommendations


Placement Recommendations

Level Equivalencies: Student has studied same world language for:

Grade: If student earned a C or below in most recent course, place one level below recommended course.

Switching Languages: Universities with a world language requirement usually require two college years (four semesters) of the same language. Students are strongly encouraged to continue with the language they have previously studied.

Placing Yourself At Too Low A Level:

Contact Instructor:
Feel free to talk to an instructor who will ask: where you studied; how many years and at what level; your goal in studying world language; and level-appropriate questions in the language.
For a placement test in a world language, see a world language instructor.
Ask for permission to sit in on any class for a day or two.
Get the syllabus, then go to the text website or instructor website and see what the class covers. Do you know this material?


Arabic: Rana Mikati, E-mail: rana.mikati@roch.edu

ASL: Leroy Deshotel, E-mail: Leroy.deshotel@roch.edu

French: Connie Larson, E-mail: connie.larson@roch.edu

Spanish: Lillyam Arroyave, E-mail: lillyam.arroyave@roch.edu

Spanish: Charyssa Cobb, E-mail: charyssa.cobb@roch.edu



Contact Information: