Star Alert Weather Alerts

UCR Severe Weather Warning Procedures

– 2010

In the event that a Tornado/Severe Weather Warning is issued the Take Shelter Alarm will be broadcasted using the buildings’ fire alarm system to provide short 5-second bursts of alarm (5 seconds sounding, then 10 seconds of silence; REPEAT/ REPEAT/ REPEAT) for a total time period of 3-minutes; (or, until it is no longer safe for Maintenance Staff to maintain the signaling activities).

“All Clear” Notification - When the Southeast Emergency Operations Center issues an “All Clear”, on the emergency radio system, the alarm systems will be sounded continuously for 30-45 seconds by a steady bell signal in the UCR (Main Campus), a steady horn in the Heintz Center, and announced over the PA system in the Sports Center.

In the event that a facility is severely damaged, or the audible signaling system is interrupted, Security and Maintenance staff will be utilized (as available) to provide go through the facility and broadcast the All Clear message the best they can. Megaphones have been placed in the campus complexes to assist in that process.

Please keep in mind that if you are caught outdoors when Civil Emergency public sirens are sounded in the community, the sirens DO NOT sound an “ALL CLEAR” signal from the public siren system. To confirm an “ALL CLEAR” condition in your area you must tune to the local Weather Radio system for details and updates. Therefore; if you don’t have an emergency radio in your home, you should consider acquiring one. Local radio stations will broadcast information as they receive it; but, the information will be delayed.

DO NOT assume if one tornado cell passes past your location that the conditions are safe to leave shelter. Storm cells which produce tornados can create multiple tornados; or, multiple tornado producing storm cells can be formed in a large complex storm-front, (freight-training of cells). Again, the best source of information on occurring weather conditions is the National Weather Service Emergency Radio system.

For information on severe weather preparedness and emergency response please go to these web-sites:

MN & WI National Weather Service Severe Weather Information

Minnesota Dept. of Public Safety Severe Weather Awareness