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Crime Prevention


It is the philosophy of University Center Rochester that we would much rather prevent crimes from occurring than react to them after the fact. A primary vehicle for accomplishing this is a crime prevention program. University Center Rochester's crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others. There are two other College publications that are distributed to all employees and will be made available to students or potential students that may request them: 1) Rochester Community and Technical College Zero Tolerance of Workplace Violence: Policy and Plan; and 2) Non-Discrimination in Employment and Education Guidelines for Students and Staff (pertaining to discrimination and harassment). Additionally, students and employees will be able to access Rochester Community and Technical College's policies on the RCTC web page at

Dangerous Weapon Prohibition

The possession of a dangerous weapon at Rochester Community and Technical College by any person, other than official firearms carried by a law enforcement officer, is strictly prohibited. Employees, students, and visitors are prohibited from possessing any dangerous weapon while on campus or at Rochester Community and Technical College off-campus events. The category "dangerous weapon" includes, but is not limited to: any weapon which, per applicable law, is illegal to possess; any other item commonly used, or primarily intended for use as, a weapon; any object that has been modified to serve as, or has been employed as, a dangerous weapon; or any other item commonly used, or primarily intended for use as, or has been employed as, a dangerous weapon; or any other item considered in the professional judgment of the Director of Institutional Services to be, or have the potential to be, a dangerous weapon.

Sexual Violence

The College encourages any person who has questions about or feels he or she has experienced sexual violence to, individually or through another person, see the designated officer or a College counselor for assistance. The designated officer at UCR is located in CF116, 285-7183 and the designated officer at Heintz Center is located in HB100, 280-3110. The counseling office is located on the first floor of the Student Services building, 285-7260.
Drug and Alcohol Free Environment. The standards of conduct at Rochester Community and Technical College prohibits the unlawful possession, use or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students and employees on the college premises, or in conjunction with any college-sponsored activity or event, whether on or off campus.

The following is a listing of the crime prevention programs and projects employed by University Center Rochester.

1. Security Escort Service: University Center Rochester provides an escort service for persons walking on campus. To request an escort, call 285-7262.

2. New Student Orientation: A crime prevention presentation accompanied by brochures and other printed material is made available to new students at orientation.

3. Emergency Telephones: In buildings at 851 30th Ave. S.E., they are located in the West Entrance and the East Entrance. There are call boxes in the West parking lot, North parking lot and along the bike path leading to the dorms.

In the Regional Sports Center building they are located at 2900 UCR Place SE. An information phone that may be used for emergencies is located on the main floor.

In Heintz Center located at 1926 Collegeview Rd. SE, information phones that may be used for emergencies are located in the:

Hallway by HC200, 1-B Wing (HB103), 1-C Wing (HC101)

4. Crime and Violence Prevention Presentations: Crime prevention presentations are made annually to students and employees.

5. New Employee Orientation: Crime prevention presentations accompanied by brochures and other printed material are made to new employees throughout the year.

6. Printed Crime Prevention Materials: Printed crime prevention brochures, posters and announcements related to parking lot security, the security escort service, building security, and employee security are available at various locations throughout the campus, e.g. Enrollment Services, Admissions and Records, Information Desk, and on TV information monitors.
7. Crime Prevention Publicity: Crime prevention articles are routinely published in the student newspaper and student and staff bulletins.

8. Rape Awareness, Education/Prevention: University Center Rochester will sponsor rape awareness, education/prevention presentations throughout the year to all members of the campus community.
Victims of sexual assault are strongly encouraged to report any assault to the campus security officer and the police. The institution will make changes in a victim's academic and living situation if reasonably possible. Victims are also encouraged to seek professional assistance from the college's counseling staff.

9. Drug and Alcohol Education: University Center Rochester will sponsor drug and alcohol education seminars during New Student Orientation and throughout the year to all members of the campus community.


Campus crime and crime related problems will be related to all members of the campus community in a timely manner through various channels as indicated below.

1. Annual Report: A comprehensive annual report of crime-related information is compiled, published and widely distributed. This annual report will be distributed to current students as part of the registration process, to new students as part of their orientation, to all employees via campus mail, and to each prospective student or employee who requests it.

2. Crime Line: A summary of crime-related incidents and safety tips will be published weekly in the student bulletin.

3. Student Newspaper: A summary of crime-related incidents will be published quarterly in the student newspaper.

4. Special Alerts: If circumstances warrant it, special printed crime alerts will be prepared and distributed either selectively or throughout the campus.