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Emergency Contacts

911 Emergency Procedures (PDF)

To report a crime or emergency, members of the campus community should dial 911 from a cell phone or campus phone.


  • UCR Security: 285-7262
  • Rochester Police Department (Non-Emergency): 328-6800

Other emergency phone numbers:

Minnesota Spill hotline - 612-296-8100
National Response Center - 1-800-424-8802
Minnesota Poison Center - 1-800-222-1222

Crime Assistance Directory:

The College encourages students, faculty, staff and visitors to report any and all criminal activity or emergencies occurring on the campus to any of the individuals listed below:

Campus Security Officer, EA 101 - 529-2789

Rochester Police Department (Non-Emergency): 328-6800

Chief Student Affairs and Strategic Operations Office, SS210 – 285-7217

Vice President of Academic Affairs, SS208 – 285-7256

Sexual Harassment Officer
UCR (CF116) 285-7183
Heintz Center (HB100) 280-3110

Associate Director of Student Life, CC402 - 285-7206

Security Radio 285-7262

Information 285-7210

Locations of phones to use in emergencies:

In UCR buildings located at 851 30th Ave. S.E., information phones that may be used for emergencies are located in the:

West Entrance, East Entrance, College Center - 4th Floor, Atrium

In the Regional Sports Center building located at 2900 UCR Place SE an information phone that may be used for emergencies is located on the main floor.

In Heintz Center located at 1926 Collegeview Rd. SE, information phones that may be used for emergencies are located in the:

Commons, Hallway by HC209, 1-A Wing, 2-B Wing, 2-C Wing

Students and staff are strongly encouraged to report crimes immediately.