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Rochester Community and Technical College - Rochester, Minnesota

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Rec 2210 Recreation Leader
2220 Great River Adventures
Rec 2223 Outdoor Education
Rec 2294 Internship

REC 2210 Recreation Leader
This course is designed to develop a philosophic recreational background with a practical hands on experience with recreational event planning, promoting and managing of events and facilities. The student will develop a broad background in the foundations of recreation and play. They will also have hands on experience with the planning and managing of recreational events and leagues. (Prerequisites: PHED 2270, PHED 2280 or instructor's permission.) (3 C)

REC 2220 Great River Adventures
This course is designed to give the student an outdoor canoeing experience and camping experience, and learn about the river as a means of transportation. For each year, a different scenario will be covered. (Prerequisites: Reasonable fitness for paddling and controlling a canoe) (3 C) Offered: Summer, each year the dates may vary. 7/6-7/16/04 Missouri River – Lewis & Clark

REC 2223 Outdoor Education and Recreation
A course developed to acquire an acquaintance and understanding of the history and scope of Outdoor Education and Recreation; special emphasis will be placed on practical application of outdoor education and recreational activities in the natural setting. (Prerequisites: None) (3 C) Offered: Spring

REC 2294 Recreation Internship
On the job supervised work experience in the field of Recreation. (Prerequisites: Physical Education, Sport Facility Management majors, Recreation majors or consent of instructor.) (2-3 C) Offered: Fall/Spring

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