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Rochester Community and Technical College - Rochester, Minnesota

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Health, Physical Education, Recreation & Athletics



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Varsity Athletics

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Programs Offered

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Coaching (Diploma)
Group Fitness Instructor (Certificate)
Group Fitness Instructor (Diploma)
Personal Trainer (Certificate)
Personal Trainer (Diploma)
Sport Management (AAS)
Sport Management Golf Option (AAS)
Sport Management (Diploma)

Program Goals

Coaching Program
Group Fitness Instructor Program
Personal Trainer Program
Sport Management Program




HLTH 1102 Industrial Safety and First Aid
HLTH 1108 Weight Management
HLTH 1109 Community CPR/First Aid & Safety
HLTH 1110 CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer
HLTH 1111 Health Education
HLTH 1114 Responding to Emergencies
HLTH 1132 Drug Use and Abuse
HLTH 1135 Holistic Health
HLTH 2126 Women’s Health Issues



Physical Education


PHED 1100 Badminton
PHED 1101 Canoeing
PHED 1103 Social Dance
PHED 1105 Lifetime Fitness
PHED 1106 Soccer
PHED 1107 Cycling
PHED 1110 Bowling
PHED 1111 Archery
PHED 1112 Jogging/Walking
PHED 1113 Social Dance II
PHED 1114 Softball
PHED 1115 Volleyball
PHED 1117 Swimming
PHED 1122 Circuit Training
PHED 1124 Tai Chi and Meditation
PHED 1125 Yoga for Life
PHED 1126 Step Aerobics
PHED 1127 Body Toning
PHED 1130 Tennis
PHED 1131 Golf
PHED 1132 Speed & Power Running
PHED 1133 Strength Training for Men and Women
PHED 1138 Outdoor Winter Activities
PHED 1141 Hiking/Orienteering
1143 Self Defense
1144 Introduction to Scuba
1189 Boot Camp
PHED 1190 Strength, Agility and Quickness Training for Football Athletes
PHED 1191 Strength, Agility and Quickness Training for Volleyball and Soccer Athletes
PHED 1192 Strength, Agility and Quickness Training for Basketball Athletes
PHED 1193 Strength, Agility and Quickness Training for Wrestling Athletes
PHED 1194 Strength, Agility and Quickness Training for Baseball and Softball Athletes
PHED 1210 Freshman Varsity Athletics
2180 Critical Analysis of Football
2210 Sophomore Varsity Athletics
PHED 2240 Methods of Group Fitness Instruction
PHED 2241 Essentials of Personal Training
PHED 2242 Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
PHED 2245 Group Fitness/Personal Trainer Certification Exam Prep
PHED 2249 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries I
PHED 2250 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries II
PHED 2252 Sport Psychology
PHED 2253 Sport Nutrition for Performance
PHED 2260 Officiating Basketball
PHED 2261 Officiating Principles
PHED 2270 Introduction to Physical Education
PHED 2271 Principles of Coaching
PHED 2272 Techniques of Coaching Football
2273 Techniques of Coaching Volleyball
PHED 2274 Techniques of Coaching Basketball
PHED 2275 Techniques of Coaching Baseball
PHED 2276 Techniques of Coaching Softball
PHED 2277 Techniques of Coaching Soccer
PHED 2278 Techniques of Coaching Wrestling
PHED 2280 Introduction to Sport Facility Management
PHED 2281 Development and Management of Sport/Recreation Facilities
PHED 2292 Group Fitness Instructor Internship
PHED 2293 Personal Trainer Internship
PHED 2294 Physical Education Internship
PHED 2295 Sport Administration Internship I
PHED 2296 Sport Administration Internship II
PHED 2297 Field Experience










REC 2210 Recreation Program Leader
2220 Great River Adventures
REC 2223 Outdoor Education and Recreation
REC 2294 Recreation Internship


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