Creating, running, editing and deleting intelligent agents

You can create, edit and delete intelligent agents from the Agent List page. When you create a new agent you need to determine:

Create an intelligent agent

  1. Click New Agent on the top tool bar on the Agent List page.
  2. Type a name for the agent.
  3. Type a description if you want.
  4. Clear the Status check box if you do not want the agent enabled once you save.
  5. Determine the criteria the agent looks for:
    1. If you want the agent to search for search for login criteria, select the Take action when the following login criteria are satisfied check box and choose which of the two login activities you want to monitor.
    2. Click the Attach Existing, or Create and Attach button to select or create release conditions for the agent to monitor.
  6. Determine the action the agent takes when its conditions are met:
    1. Select one of the Action Repetition radio buttons to set whether the agent takes action once or anytime the conditions are met.
    2. If you want the agent to run on a schedule, select the Schedule check box, then click the Update Schedule button.
    3. Set the schedule in the Update Agent Schedule pop-up.
    4. Click the Update button  in the Update Agent Schedule pop-up to save the schedule and return to the New Agent page.
  7. Select HTML or Plain Text radio buttons for the email format.
  8. Type the names of recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc field. You can use special replace strings in these fields. See Replace strings for intelligent agents.
  9. Type the subject in the Email Subject field. You can use special replace strings in this fields.
  10. Type the body of your email in the Message field.
  11. Click Save.

Run an agent manually

Typically, intelligent agents are set up to run automatically. If you do not have a regular schedule set up for an agent, you must run it manually.

Click the Manually run agent icon next to an agents name on the Agent List page to run it manually.

To edit an agent

  1. Click the name of the agent you want to edit on the Agent List page.
  2. Make your revisions.
  3. Click Save.

Delete an agent

Click the Delete icon for the agent you want to delete on the Agent List page.

Note You cannot recover deleted agents.

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