Password Reset Process



Using Mozilla Firefox, navigate to the website


Select “log in”


Use your RCTC e-mail address and select “Forgot login?”


Enter your RCTC e—mail address and select “send”


This green box will appear.  Note that the link you have been sent

in order to reset your password will expire in two (2) hours.


Check your e-mail inbox for a note from


Open the e-mail.

Click on  the “reset your password” link.


Create a new password, confirm the password, and select “Submit”


The website will open and a green box will appear indicating that your

password has been reset.

Select “log in” to begin using the website.


You will receive an e-mail from indicating your password has been reset


Any questions, please contact Dave Carr at, 507.280.2946, GL121.

Thank you.