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Access after end of semester

Access discussion posts in V10

Access quiz questions/answers - V10

Add tool to navigation bar

Add rubric to dropbox

Announcement deletion


Archive class

Associate discussion to gradebook


Attendance tool review



Checklist V10

Conditional release conditions

Connect multiple topic in course file

Copy and paste

Copy class


Custom widget

Customize hompage

D2L access after semester end

D2L manual

D2L tutorial enrollment

Date updates

Discussion board view - change

Download quiz file

Dropbox tool

Dropped student's progress

Edit navbar

E-mail students V10

Embed video

Export discussion board in V10

Extend quiz

Extend quiz time

Fake student

Final grade in first column

Font Size


Final grade

Final grade release process V10

FN grade

Grade book

Grade book additional column

Grade book hide grades

Grade book points

Groups V10

Hide content from student

Import and export tools

Import audio into quiz

Insert video with Quicklink

Instructor feedback on quiz

Intelligent agent

Kicked out of quiz

Lectures online

Letter/point grade

Lockdown browser installation

Manage dates

Move topics

Nav bar settings

New version of D2L

News item creation

News item re-order



Page student


Personalize news items

Print discussion group

Profile picture

Quiz conditional release V10

Quiz extra points V10

Quiz incorporating video with V10

Quiz question order

Quiz restrictions

Quiz submission

Quiz submission view

Quiz time limit

Quiz transfer

Randomize quiz questions - V10

Recover deleted discussions

Release grades in V10

Reorder content

Restrict to function

Retrieve/print quiz with Respondus

Retrieve news item

Role switch function

Rubric points

Save discussion

See students not attempting quiz

Set/extend quiz times in V10

Syllabus in NAV bar

Student access to D2L after class ends

Student can't see quiz attempt score

Student login history

Student view of grades

Submission folders

Survey creation

Take test as student


Upload data

View statistics

Voicethread embed