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Virtual Training Archives

Uploading Content
Creating Community
Creating Gradebook
Creating Quizzes

E-Mail Basics
Calendar Scheduling
Creating a Contacts Distribution List
About Network Drives

Archived Seminars:
Creatively Engaging Online Students: Models and Activities

Managing Online Education Programs



Do you have some custom course content you'd like to make available in an ebook format for students to have on their mobile device?

Come see us and we'll help you upload your "book."


D2L Web Manual

Pre-Semester D2L Checklist

D2L Tutorials

How to add a picture to your profile
Associating Discussion Topic to a grade item
Retrieving and Printing a Quiz with Respondus
Creating an Intelligent Agent
Exporting and Importing Tools
How to Create a Quiz
How to Create a Random Quiz
Creating news items
Saving Discussion items as PDF
How to submit student quiz that's in progress
Viewing Student's progress
How to Upload Content
Personalizing Text using {strings}
Creating a custom widget
Creating a custom home page
View Progress of a dropped student
Creating an extra credit item
Creating Release Conditions
Creating Rubrics
Using the Chat Tool
Extending alloted quiz time
Resetting a quiz attempt

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RCTC has contracted with Lynda.com to provide campus wide access to all RCTC students, staff and faculty until December 24, 2013.

To obtain a Lynda account

To reset your Lynda password

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Great Supplemental Material!

Catalog of Free Online Courses


Education Portal has over 800 free video lessons that cover a variety of topics in history, science, math, social science and english. Video lessons are modular, so students can focus on just the topics they need to review. Videos are 100% free for anyone to use and share - a great textbook supplement.

Resources for Teaching Online

Khan Academy

Ted Ed



Educational Origami

Upcoming Training

May 20 - 24 - Summer Boot Camp

RCTC Online Training Course Available

Thinking of teaching online? Take our updated online training for instructing online. This course was developed by Educational Technology in cooperation with the Academic Technology Committee.

For access, please contact our department.

Service Contracts

Adobe Connect - create virtual meetings

VoiceThread - visual discussion board

Sitepal - Avatar creator

Respondus - test creation software
(available for home use as well as office)

Lockdown Browser - cheating prevention

Smarthinking - virtual tutoring service

Turnitin - anti plagiarism resource



Incorporating Technology into Your Classroom:

Smartpens - create pencasts - recording voice and written material

Video Cam
- flash video camera - uploads to Youtube

Video Cam with projector
- records and PROJECTS!

Digital Audio recorder
- records audio

Interactive Clicker Kits
- Response system - works with Powerpoint

Jeopardy Game Show Kit
- actual game with buttons and timer


Intro with Articulate Pam Whitfield
Online Teaching Tips Dan West
Using the Quiz Tool with Syllabi Shirley Wilson
Research Quickstart/Films on Demand
- Diane Pollock
Calendar/Schedule Tool
- Tom Kerr
Rapid Fire Visual Feedback - Todd Johnson


for faculty:

D2L Web Manual
Lockdown Browser

Email Basics
Calendar Scheduling
Setting up Distribution Lists

Jeopardy - word document handout

for students:

How to download Microsoft Office

Student Login Handout

Turn it in Instructions

Smarthinking Handbook

Lockdown Browser Instructions


email address book
Compressing PPT size
Uploading videocasts
Speech Recognition
Discussion-board association with Gradebook
Thinking non linear in Powerpoint
Altering email default font

Overview of iMovie



Online Course Development Guide

Engaging The Online Learner
Becoming A Rapid E Learning Expert
Getting Students to Read Their Assignments
Improving College Teaching
Ten Core Principals for Designing Learning Environments
Using Discussion Boards

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